Friday, January 25, 2013

Who is reading this blog?

The Nashville Vision Therapy blog has been a great tool for a lot of my patients. My ideas for each blog usually comes from a conversation with one of my students parents. Yes, I always am listening! My hope is that my readers enjoy what I write and your questions are answered. But then I ask, who is reading this blog?
I am able to look at various statistics about our blog's performance. I see the blog post views, and what days people viewed it. But the most fascinating thing to me is people who view our blog are from the not only here in America, but Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Ukraine, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, and India. We are reaching people all across the world. That is just cool to me!
I would love more interaction on my blog which means more comments!
Might I ask: Who are you?  What has brought you to this blog?  What are you most interested in reading about? Do you have any questions? Tell me!
Please use the comments and tell us where you are from and what has brought you to this blog. Thank you Internet  for creating a Vision Therapy community that expands all over the world!

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