Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sports Vision

The past couple of weeks, we have had exciting things happening in the sports world--and I'm not just talking about the Olympics! There are many perks that come with my job, and the best is seeing my patients excited about their success. Last week, after several weeks of vision therapy, one of my patients caught a pop fly and hit a home run. A couple weeks before that, one of the children in our therapy program caught a football turning into a touchdown. To see the excitement in their eyes as they were telling me makes what we do worth it.  It is so gratifying to see our patients succeed.

While we are talking about sports, did you know that Vision Therapy improves sports performance? Does your child always seem to be just a few steps away from the soccer ball?  Having trouble catching a baseball during a game? 

Vision, just like speed and strength, is an important component in how well you play your sport. There is much more to vision than just seeing clearly.  Your vision is comprised of many interrelated skills that can affect how well you play.  And, just as exercise and practice can increase your speed and strength, it can also improve your visual fitness and accuracy.

Because all sports have different visual demands, our doctors assess your unique visual system and recommend a vision therapy program to maximize your visual skills.

Sports Benefits include:
  • Passing/shooting aim (depth perception and eye/hand coordination)
  • Improved defensive and offensive awareness (peripheral vision)
  • Enhanced reaction time (eye/hand coordination)
  • Improved hitting in baseball (tracking and depth perception)
  • Improved fielding (tracking and depth perception)
If you feel like Sports Vision Therapy could benefit you or your child please call us: 615-386-3036.

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