Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Importance of Visualization

Last week, I wrote about Pinterst and how I loved it because it was so visual. I am a very visual person; meaning a person can talk all day long on how to do something, but if they do not perform the task for me to see, I won't be able to comprehend it as well. That leads me to today's blog, "The Importance of Visualization".
First, what is visualization? It is the ability to create mental images in your mind. Can you imagine how many things that can affect in your life with the inability to visualize?

The inability to visualize can impact all subjects in school for your child.
  • Reading: If your child has vision problems, reading is probably very challenging for them. Your child is spending more time decoding the words individually rather than visualizing and comprehending. You will notice their fluency when reading is very slow, leading to difficulty processing the words. While decoding the words individually, they will not "see" the story when reading. Thus making reading very time consuming which leads to frustration. Reading should be fun!  
  • Spelling: With spelling your child has to create a mental image of the words without seeing the word. The visualization skill is crucial in spelling. Creating that mental image will be based on a past visual experience.
  • Writing: Visualization is important in handwriting because your child has to create a mental image of each different word while writing it on the page. Multi-tasking at its finest!  
  • Math: If your child lacks the visualization skill they usually count on their fingers or silently verbalize the different number sequences. Your child needs to be able to visualize numbers and quantities in able to be successful in math.
Does your child have difficulty in any or all of the above areas? As you can see visualization is crucial in the success of all school subjects. Your child wants to be able to visualize the story when he/she reads, and get As on spelling test. Let Nashville Vision Therapy give them the tools to improve visualization. Your child will see a whole new world when they have the ability to visualize.

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