Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Does Your Child Have Bad Handwriting?

Parents and educators tend to be the first people who will determine if there is a need for vision therapy for children. Once they understand the telltale symptoms, such as handwriting issues, they can spot children who may have a vision problem.

One area in which vision problems manifest is in a child’s handwriting. Take a look at some handwriting issues experienced by students with vision problems:

Handwriting Clues Reveal Need for Vision Therapy for Children
These are some examples of how handwriting can be affected by a vision problem. However, another common symptom is that a child has very neat handwriting, but they’re very slow when it comes to actually writing.

As you examine your child’s handwriting, look for the other symptoms typical of vision problems. Some typical symptoms include rubbing eyes, having watery eyes or avoiding writing. Children may also suffer from headaches or have a short attention span while writing. Check out our first blog for the long list of symptoms of vision problems.

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